How to connect Local PC Devices and Resources to Hyper VM

This article will show you how to connect your local pc device resources to your Hyper-V machine

-Firstly, to connect Local PC Devices to Hyper-V, On your Desktop PC,

-Click on This PC ICON and find all the drivers attached to the local pc that is (Drive C, Drive D, Drive F)

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So, to attach this device onto my Hyper-V you need to open Hyper-V device manager, then choose the PC that wants to connect the local device to it,
-Click on settings,
-click on integrate services,
-then click guest services, after that click starts pc to start my Hyper-V machine on your Hyper-V Manager.

After that click on connect, click more to attached device resources on local pc and tick enable to connect Hyper-V Machine

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Watch the Step to Follow

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