How to Convert Excel Doc to PDF

There are many reasons when you may want to save Excel document files to PDF file format instead of a Worksheet. For example, if you wish to email financial Data files you prevent them to be editable. This tutories guide will show you how to convert an excel document to a pdf on your window make sure to read this.

What is Microsoft Excel
Excel is an office application program that allows users to create, view, edit, and share files and managed financial Data.

How to Save an Excel Sheet as a PDF
Follow the step below

To Start to convert an Excel document to a PDF you need to “install office 2013” on your machine.

1. Choose the “Excel Document” you Want to PDF and open it with the office Excel App
2. On Microsoft Office open Window Choose to “file Manu” and “Click on Export”

3. After Click “Create PDF OR XPS Document”

4. Click on “publish”

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