How to Convert Power Point Presentation to Video

If you want to save your presentation slide into the most convenient video format Microsoft PowerPoint help in converting slide to video. Maybe you want to share your presentation with a colleague or team member in a different Video file format powerpoint has the option.
This tutorial guide will show you how to convert a PowerPoint presentation to a video format, to learn make sure to read.

Why Convert PowerPoint Presentations to Videos?
– You want to share Slide on the social media platform, blog, or video-sharing site
– You want to share with friends to view the presentation without PowerPoint
– Show the presentation to a large audience

How to Convert PowerPoint to Video

1. Firstly on the search field you type PowerPoint then click on PowerPoint app to open PowerPoint then click new blank presentation

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2. Choose the PowerPoint presentation you Want to Convert video format
3. On Microsoft Office open Window Choose File Manu and Click on Export
4. After Click Create Video and Choose Video Format
5. Crete Video

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Watch the Video to Follows the Step

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