Enable Two Factor on your Twitter Account

How to Enable Two Factor on your Twitter Account

Enable Two Factor Authentication on Twitter account is helpful because it serves as an additional layer of security protection that gives authentication to a user to provide or enter a second password to gain authorized access to the account.

This Article elaborates on the step for you to enable Two-Step Verification also known as 2 Factor authentication and how you can turn off on Twitter Account.

Using a Twitter account has added a security control feature, for you to enable 2-factor authentication for your account, you have the account right to add a phone number, email, or authenticator app install on your phone device to enable two factor(2F) on your Account.


i. Enable two-factor Authentication to protect your account and prevent the wrong person to compromise or take hold of Account.
ii. If you enable two factor on your Twitter Account, you can also disable your Account. Learn More on How to Turn-Off two-factor authentication for your Twitter account

How does two Step Verification Work on Twitter Account?

When you Sign In from a new device, after inputting your Account Password you’ll be asked to verify your identity using a code sent via email or phone SMS message to input before accessing your account web portal.

How do I activate 2-step verification on Twitter Account?

1. Open a web browser on your computer
2. In the Address Bar input ( https://twitter.com )
3. Sign In With your “Username and Password” of your Twitter Account

Sign In Twitter
Sign In on Twitter

4. On the home Dashboard, On the left sidebar Manu, Click on ‘More’ beside three dots
Sidebar Twitter

5. On the pop-up, Click on ‘Settings and Support’ tab
Twitter Settings and Support
Twitter Settings and Support

6. In the pop-up, click ‘Settings and privacy.’

7. In the ‘Security and account access Section of ‘Setting and privacy,’ under Click on ‘Security’ tab
Security and account access
Security and account access tab

8. After account Click on ‘Security’ on Windows, pop up to select your mode of authentication (Text messages, Authenticator App or Security Key )click on two-factor authentication to enable two-factor account
9. Click on Text message
two factor
two-factor Turn On

10. After choosing ‘Text Massage ‘it will prompt you to add an email address, click on ‘Get started’ tab
add email address

11. Enter your alternative email address, to be used to verify login when login, with two Factor enable on Account, then click on Send code.
add email address
Add email address to Twitter

12. A six-digit Code will be sent to inbox of the alternative email to be to confirm login.
confirm code sent by twitter account
confirm code

13. Open the inbox of your email and copy the six-digit codes and past it in the Enter the verification box to confirm added email address
email verification
email verification

14. The Next step is to add or confirm a Phone Number to Twitter account as factor authentication, to start click on ‘Get start’ tab
confirm phone number on twitter
confirm phone number

15. After ‘Get Started’ tab it will prompt you to a click on send code a code will be sent to Phone number used to register Twitter Account to add phone number as two factor
phone number on twitter
confirm phone number on twitter

16. Copy the code sent by Twitter to phone SMS, and messages and paste it on enter code box, to verify or confirm phone number added to Twitte.

17. Now you are Good to go your phone number is linked to your Twitter account.

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