How to Export Contact from Gmail to Android

In the event of phone damage or losing your phone, you do not have to lose all the contact, if previously you sync or back up device contacts on Google, you can easily export contacts from google and import them on your new phone. Here are the steps you need to follow to import contacts from google to your android phone

To import the contact to the phone, firstly connect the phone to your computer to copy the exported VCF contact File from Google to the Phone
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How do I transfer contacts from Gmail to phone?
If you’ve saved contacts exported to a VCF file from your Gmail Account

1. Tap on the Contact App icon on your Android phone

2. Tap Fix & manage

3. Click on Import from file button

4. Select Account on your device, to save the contacts.

5. Find and select the VCF file to import the computer
6. Copy to a folder on the phone
7. Select the from the folder VCF file to import.

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