How to Export Contact from Gmail

If you want a contact management service, that can be installed on mobile and accessed on the web everywhere using the internet. With Gmail contact, you can sync all your contact to the cloud and keep track of phone numbers, email addresses, or physical addresses of friends, family, and team.

This guide will walk you through the step-by-step process of How to Export Phone Contact from Gmail, How to import Contacts to Gmail, How to Merge duplicate Contact information in Gmail, and How to Export Contacts from Phone to Gmail, and How to Export Contes from Gmail to Phone.

What is Google contact used for?

Google Contacts is a way to store and manage contact data about Family, Friends, and colleagues you have conversations. Each contact can contain basic detail like names, email addresses, and phone numbers including extended information, like physical addresses, employer, department, or job title.

How do I export contacts from Gmail?

1. Launch the internet Browser of Choice (for example Chrome Browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge)
2. Log in to your Gmail Account
3. Click on Google App beside the profile icon on the top right-conner of the Screen side.

Google App Tab

4. Click on the Contacts icon from the Google apps drop-down menu
5. Open the contact’s interface

Google Contact Interface

6. After you will Find all Contact
7. Select the Contact to export

8. Select the file format as (Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard (for IOS contact))
9. Click on Export to Save the Files.

How do I import contacts to Gmail?

1. Log in to your Google Contact
2. Click on the import button

3. Select the file format as (Google CSV, Outlook CSV, vCard (for IOS contact))

4. Select File to import

How do I Merge duplicates of Contact in Gmail?

1. Log in to your Google Contact
2. On the Left Side, Click on Merge & Fix
3. Click on Merge
4. After the multiple numbers will be one

Merge Contact Tab

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How to Export Contacts from Phone to Gmail

Back up & sync device contacts from your phone to Gmail making it easy to export all contacts lists to a new phone in the event of phone damage you can restore all contact. make sure to learn the steps of How to Export contacts Detail from phone to Google Contact. also read on How to Export Contes from Gmail to Phone.

Also, You can Turn ON or Off Two Factor(2F) Authentication for your Gmail using your Phone Number, Add alternative Email or Phone to Reset Account Password in the event of forgetting your Login credential and How to Login to Gmail Account, Sync Phone contact, Export Contacts from Gmail Account to Phone.


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