How to install google authenticator on phone

Google authenticator app is one of the most popular authenticator apps that provide secure verification codes that act as the second step in two-step verification.
This guide elaborates step by step process on how you install the Google Authentication app on a Phone if you want to use an authentication app as means to protect your account from authorized access make sure to read.

To safeguard all Accounts and Social Media Platforms from cyberattacks, enable 2-step Verification with an authenticator that adds an extra layer of security to your account will help. After entering your password, you will need to enter the code generated by your authenticator app to sign in

• Passwords can find their way into the wrong hands, but 2-Step Verification ensures that your account will be secure as long as you have your phone.

How does Google Authenticator App Work?
When you sign in from a new device, you’ll be asked to verify your identity using a code sent to your phone in addition to entering your password.

How do I get a Google authenticator app?
1. Open the Google Play store on your Phone

Open Play Store

2. Go to Search Field and type Download google authentication app

3. Once downloaded, you can begin setting up to enable it.

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