How to Install Google Drive App on Smartphone

In this step-by-step tutorial guide, learn How to Install Google Drive App on smartphones, If you want to learn make sure to read the procedure.

Safely storing your files and accessing them from any device is easy with the Google Drive app, which you can install from the play store or apps store. Google Drive App helps you to store, share and collaborate on files and folders with friends or Teams from any smart device, tablet, or computer.

– Google Drive Safely store your files and access them from any device
– Easy and secure access to all of your content in Cloud
– Personnel Files are safe, private, and never used for any advert
– Drive Cloud help to Collaborate on files and folder with Teams

How to install google drive on Android
Most people ask, how do you get the Google Drive app, to get Google drive app installed on phone both android and iPhone, is by going to the Play Store or apps store and installing.

Step to install Google Drive app on Android
– Click On Play store Icon on your Phone

– When the play store window pop-up, in the search field, type google drive, to search Drive app

– Click on Install, for the app to install on your phone
– Login with email and password

That’s how you can download Google Drive on Android Phones.

How to install google drive on iPhone
– Click On Apps Icon on your iPhone

– Tab on search tab at the bottom right corner
– Tab on search section at the top on apps store on your phone

– Now enter Google Drive and search it
– Tap on Google and open it
– Tap on getting below the app’s name

That’s how you can download Google Drive on your iPhone.

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