How to Install Window 10 Operating System on Hyper -V

This tutorial guide will show you how to install the windows 10 operating system on pc using Hyper-V. If you want to learn the process of How to Install Windows 10 Operating System (OS) on Hyper -V make sure to read the post.

What is Hyper-V
Microsoft Hyper-V for Windows enables you to run multiple OS on the Local Machine.

Install Windows 10 on Hyper-V
1. Open “Hyper-V Manager” from the “Start menu” or “Desktop”.
2. Open Hyper-V Manager “INSERT Media” from Manu Tool

Prerequisite of Install Window 10 on Hyper-V VM
Enable Hyper-V VM on PC
Creating a Windows 10 virtual machine.
Configuring the VM.
Installing Windows 10 on the VM.

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Learn How to Customize your virtual machine before Install Windows 10.

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