How to synchronize Pictures from Phone to One Drive

Do you want a backup or sync your picture from your phone to your OneDrive Cloud? With the OneDrive mobile app install on the phone, it is easier to synchronize pictures from your phone to the cloud.
This article shows How to synchronize all of your Pictures from your Phone to OneDrive automatically.

The Microsoft OneDrive Mobile app is an extremely useful tool that allows you to sync, share and secure photos online and is accessible from smartphones, tablets, or computers everywhere on the internet.

How do Install OneDrive App for Mobile?
1. Firstly, Install Microsoft OneDrive Mobile App on your Phone
2. After Tab on the “OneDrive” icon on Screen
3. Sign In with email Usernames and Password
4. To Access the OneDrive Web portal On the Phone

OneDrive Mobile Sign In Tab

How do I sync my photos from my phone to OneDrive?
1. After Login to OneDrive App for Mobile
2. Tab on the “Photos” Button, to Turn on the Camera Upload automatic
3. Tab on “Turn On”

4. Switch on the Camera upload

5. You can also choose to include videos (turn off or on) to backup automatic
6. This will backup all photos from to OneDrive cloud

Why won’t my pictures sync to OneDrive?
Check if the Camera Upload is Not Turn Off and Make sure you turn it on. Also, Enable an Internet connection on your device.
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